Purpose of the ejournal

The journal publishes original scientific-research papers dealing with issues of research or theoretical interest in the education and education sciences from the Greek and international spheres.

The main purpose of this publishing project is to smooth out the physical difficulties that arise in the interconnection of theory and practice in the broad scientific field of education and education.

The aim of the publication is to highlight all aspects of education at the theoretical and research level and to provide a forum for the publication of both the new scientists and the already established researchers.

In this way, the importance of contacting university, educational and young researchers is emphasized in order to promote research and the research process and to provide an open forum for their active participation in the heterogeneous scientific, theoretical and research topics.


The peer-reviewing process

Classical standards ensure scientific validity achieved through strict procedure for approval of candidate papers by referees. Only papers that are reviewd by the magazine’s Review Committee, comprised of distinguished specialized scientists at international level, are acceptable for publication.