Writing Guidelines

The ejournal is not published on specific dates and therefore there is no specific timetable for submitting an article. Each writer sends us his/her text when he/she completes it, and the issue is released as soon as there is a sufficient number of articles that have completed the peer-reviewing process.

Those interested should submit:

1. Their complete text, ready for publication, in electronic form via e-mail at periodiko@inpatra.gr

  • The extent of the text should range from 4,500 to 5,500 words, including bibliography, tables and footnotes

  • Font of text: Times New Roman, 10 pt., Single spacing. The file should be in Word format, version 2003.

  • Bibliographic references should be in the form of footnotes. More information on the text writing standards are posted here.

2. Abstract in English, comprising of the 100-130 word article.

3. Translated title and summary of the article in Greek.

4. Curriculum vitae of each author in English comprising of 45-60 words in prose

The text must meet the specifications for writing and formatting texts that are posted here.