Timetable of circulation and submission of articles

The ejournal is not published on specific dates and therefore there is no specific timetable for submitting an article. Each writer sends us his/her text when he/she completes it, and the issue is released as soon as there is a sufficient number of articles that have completed the peer-reviewing process.

Journal format and language

The journal is available online and is monolingual in English.

However, it is also possible to publish documents in other languages, eg. German, French, etc., provided that sufficient numbers of texts are submitted and that their judgment process is completed in a specific language. This means eg. that an issue in German will be released when the reviewing process is completed in a sufficient number of texts on it. The same applies to any other language.

Printed and electronic copies

For those who want it, there is the possibility of obtaining a printed copy of an issue, the cost of which is formed by the number of pages (€ 0.09 on the total pages) plus shipping costs, providing there is a sufficient number of requests for printed issues from authors and subscribers , with a minimum of 20 copies per issue.

The cost of the electronic copy in cd-rom amounts to 10 € plus shipping costs and is sent in a plastic case with the cover of the issue. The cd-rom includes the magazine as it is posted on the website and in a pdf file.

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